What obesity can teach us about our business


There I was recently listening to the lunchtime news while enjoying a cheese, salami & coleslaw sandwich.  Probably hundreds of calories and utterly delicious.


Anyway, the news report was yet another report on obesity.  To be honest the topic typically bores me but this report did catch my attention.


They were criticising fat-shaming.  Now I’d have no issue with that – it’s normally ugly behaviour to deliberately try and shame another human being   But they went further. They said that obese people are not responsible for being obese.


Why?  They offered a few reasons:


  • Some people’s genes pre-dispose them towards obesity.
  • There are insufficient “walkways” to encourage walking.
  • There is widespread availability of unhealthy snacks.


Ok – maybe I’m genetically predisposed towards being slightly heavier than the norm.  But I’d need to be 2 stone (13 kg) heavier than I am now in order to be obese.  There’s no way a genetic predisposition could account for that.


The only way that I can become obese is that if I consistently eat too much bad stuff and/or don’t exercise sufficiently.  And, in normal circumstances, whether or not that happens is 100% within my own control.


Do I have a second sandwich?  Do I steal one of my sons’ countless Easter eggs?  Do I say “no” to a football game with my mates out of pure laziness?  Do I plonk my arse on the couch tonight and have a few lovely ice-cold Heinekens?  These are all my choices.


And how does this affect your business?


Your circumstances can be tough.  You can even be consistently unlucky.  But you still have choices.  That’s what I love about business.  We always have choices that influence our own fortunes.


When you finish reading this blog will you go browse facebook?  Or will you actually go do something positive for your business?  Will you take care of a few easy and unimportant tasks or will you focus on progressing something important?


We always have choices!


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