Why are the pigeons fat?

On Monday I was in Dublin for meetings with existing and prospective customers.  When the work was finished I took a few minutes to enjoy the sunshine on a park bench in the wonderful St. Stephen’s Green.


I found myself looking at the pigeons.  And they were ALL fat.  (Excuse the poor resolution of the photo – hopefully there’ll be more megapixels on my next phone upgrade!)


But back to the pigeons…   Why were they fat?   It’s obvious – they know where to find food.


And where do they find the food?  Yep – right where they found it the last time.


Dubliners of all ages have fed the pigeons in St. Stephens’s Green for generations.  And hopefully they’ll still be doing it when I’m 6 feet under.  Those pigeons’ ancestors were probably fat too!


So who has fed your business recently?  And which of those feeders has fed you the best?  And are you keeping in touch with the best feeders?  And proactively thinking of how you can help them in their businesses?


Of course it’s prudent to source new feeders for the future.  But they should supplement the ones already feeding you well!


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