You reap what you sow


Last year I made a mistake.


I left it until mid-June to plant my sweet-pea – my favourite flower.


That was too late. All I could do was to give them lots of water, stem-support and slug pellets – and then hope for the best. Thankfully I still got a reasonable crop.


But I was lucky. Hope is a crap strategy. It’s actually no strategy at all.


So the idea was to improve in 2015. How was I to do so? Well of course Mother Nature can confound us. So there was no guarantee as to what the outcome this year would be. All I could do was to plant earlier.


But I could plant earlier. I had control over that.


So I did – and now I’m bringing in new sweet-pea every day to perfume the house. Here’s how a day’s crop looked recently.


What has this got to do with your business?


There are no guarantees – you will accomplish nothing if you’re looking for certainty in advance of doing something.


You’re also at the whim of external forces over which you have no control. So ignore them.


Now this may sound negative So – what to do?


Identify the factors you can control and focus your efforts on those factors – and on those factors alone. Do that often enough and you can’t avoid improving. Now there’s a positive message eh?


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