You want more sales? They’re going to come from these 2 types of people…

1: They’ve bought from you before.      


2: They’ve never bought from you before.

“Eh yeah Brendan” I hear you say – “What’s your point?”      

Simply this.      

What you want is new business.  You might not need new customers.      

Of course, increasing the number of (good) customers you have is worthwhile.  You also may need to think of acquiring new customers in order to replace those who leave you for whatever reason(s).

But invoicing an existing customer for €/£/$1000 has the exact same impact on your top line as invoicing a new customer for the same amount. And invoicing the existing customer may well have a better impact on your bottom line because the cost of customer acquisition is zero.

So how to get new sales from existing customers?

Sit back and confidently await them coming waving their chequebook or credit card?

A better way is to authentically stay in regular touch with them – providing value. That way they’ll know that you have their best interest at heart. You’ll also be able to sense their needs – to see if they’re at a place where they’d benefit from something you provide. Or that you could provide.

And another technique? Ask them what they’re looking for!

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