You’re changing your website : Who should you listen to?

So you’ve decided to revamp your website.  You have your opinions on what you want the website to look like.  You have ideas for the look & feel, what the call to actions might be, whether or not you want a newsletter sign-up capability, what social media share capabilities you want, etc.  Your website design company will also bring other suggestions and recommendations to the table.


But is that enough?   Ultimately, who do you want to use your website?  Have you asked those people their opinions?  What features would they like to see on the site?  What would they prefer to see missing from the site?  And, if you want your website to generate leads, what keywords are your target audience using when they’re searching online for your product or services?


Get in touch if you’d like to explore how to get these answers – before you invest a lot of money!


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