The Friendly Postman

I was talking to a client last week who is worried.  His employees have let standards slip in the speed with which they get back to customers.  It’s a little thing – but one he needs to address.  Here’s a recent post on how the little things can be important.

I was reminded of my client’s issue this morning when the doorbell rang.  It was Stephen the postman with a package.  I wasn’t on a call so I opened the door and we had a quick friendly chat.  He mentioned that he had seen the windows open so he knew I was inside.

Do you see what he did?  He knew that I’d prefer to take the package off him rather than have to drive to the depot 3 miles away to collect it.  He had the initiative to see the open windows and judge that I might be inside.  And he took the time to ring the bell and see if I’d answer.

Now he’ll probably get no pay increase for that attitude.  He’ll probably get no pat on the back from his employer.  He just wants to do a good job.  He’s internally motivated.

Would it help how your company is viewed by your customers if all of your employees were acting like Stephen?  If you’re interested in uncovering more about what your employees are thinking and what could improve their performance then get in touch.  It might be that an employee survey is warranted – or perhaps an interactive workshop.  But let’s talk and we can explore further.


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