Killing 2+ birds with the one stone


Recently I was on my way to a meeting with my accountant.  The meeting wasn’t boring at all – and included two lovely homemade coffees!


Anyway, on my way to the meeting I was driving around Kilkenny’s ring road – a ring road that has a footpath and cycle path alongside it.


A woman was jogging – and pushing a baby’s buggy as she jogged.  Now I hope the buggy was sturdy and well-oiled – otherwise she was risking dislocating her shoulder and/or bouncing her baby out of the buggy!


Fair play to her I thought.  She was getting her exercise.  She was getting the baby some fresh air.  She was saving on childcare costs.


In summary, she was leveraging her time in a highly effective way.


She’s a model for us.


There are just 168 hours in the week for you and me and the other 7 billion of us.


Can you leverage your time better?


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