Irritating questions


I’m guessing that once or twice you’ve shared my irritation at being asked to answer bad questions?


There I was one Friday a few weeks ago – answering a phone survey on banking services for small businesses.


The guy was asking me to what extent I’d consider choosing particular providers.  The first provider he mentioned was my own business banking provider – Bank Of Ireland.  I said the question wasn’t applicable to me as I was already with them.  He said that unfortunately there was no “not applicable”  or “they’re already my provider” options.


There’s flaw 1 – not providing the reasonable options that a respondent might wish to see.


So I suggested we skip the question.  He said that he wasn’t allowed proceed to the next question without getting an answer.


There’s flaw 2 – obliging a respondent to answer a question that’s not relevant to them.


Can you guess what I did?


Yep – I ended the call amicably – with him maybe thinking I was being an awkward b****** :-).  Life is too short to waste time on crap surveys!


You’re one of the lucky people though.  If you’re considering carrying out a survey you know who to talk to in order to ensure it’s done right :-).  I can guarantee you that, among lots of other things, your respondents will have reasonable options to choose from and that they won’t be asked any questions that are not relevant to them!


They won’t be asked irritating questions!


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