Now this is how to do it!

In last week’s blog I was talking about the importance of being available to your customers.


Well , surprise, surprise – today I’ve actually got a good news story to share with you on this topic.  It happened earlier this week when I called my electricity & gas supplier – the same company does both.


After following the robot’s instructions to press “1” for this and “2” for that I was put on hold.


About 30 seconds later the robot came back and said “We are sorry that you are still on hold”.  And I was thinking to myself – “here we go – same old same old…”


But then the robot said “Would you like us to call you back?”


Wow – this I had NEVER heard before!


I clicked “1” for “yes”.  Then the robot asked me to press “1” to be called back on the number I was calling from or “2” to provide a different number.  I pressed “1”.  The robot said ”Thank you – we will call you back within 10 minutes.  You may hang up now.”


And guess what?  They called back within 4 minutes!  I was delighted I must say.


They offered something that was convenient for me.


And they followed through with it.


And they even over-delivered on what they had committed to.


And since it’s a good news story?  The company is Airtricity.


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