Reversing around a corner

“Reversing around a corner”


The fearsome phrase is dreaded by many young Irish drivers who, as part of their driving test, are required to reverse around a corner without hitting the kerb, while keeping an eye out for other vehicles and while demonstrating familiarity with their blind spot.  Oh – and there’s the little detail of having to end up reasonably parallel to the side of the road while being no more than half a meter or so from the kerb.


Difficult?  Yep!  Enough to cause a lot of sweat and a lot of driving test failures!


I was giving my daughter a driving lesson recently and she was having difficulty with reversing around corners.  So I told her we’d swap seats and I’d do it slowly for her to see if I could think of anything that might help her.  We swapped seats, I adjusted my mirrors, and off I confidently went.


But guess what?  Yep.  I did it worse than she was doing it.


Serious humble pie.  I got a wake-up call.  But here’s the important point : I only got the wake-up call because I did the reversing and measured the results.


There’s a big lesson there : you can’t practise something to become better at it if you don’t first know that you need to become better at it.  To be able to move from unconscious incompetence to at least conscious incompetence you need to DO and MEASURE.


So what blindspots might you have in your business?  Where are you skating on thin ice?  Now of course awareness on its own is useless.  It’s necessary but not sufficient.  (Implementation is key.)  But awareness IS necessary.


So, if you sense you have some blindspots, then you can carry on regardless or you can get in touch and let’s see if I can help you identify them.


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PS : Thanks to those of you who expressed concern over my son’s surgery last month.  It went well and he’s a new man.


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