The daffodils are up

Our shed sits in a corner of our garden that gets a lot of sun.  And there’s a patch of earth beside it.  I was out yesterday morning getting some kindling for the fire from the shed and I just took a moment to look around.  Green shoots caught my attention – the daffodils are up in our sunny patch.  And here we are – barely into January.  Last year was the first time I noticed this – our daffodils sprouting in January.


The world is warming up.


Now you may be in the minority who think humans aren’t contributing to that change.  If so I think you’re wrong.  But our opinions don’t change the fact that the world is warming.


So what do you do with facts?  Ignore them?  Or face them?  The answer’s obvious isn’t it?   If our species doesn’t face this fact then we’re screwed.


So why then do so many people ignore facts?  Or fail to seek out the facts?  This phenomenon doesn’t baffle me as much as it used to.  I could psychobabble and speculate about “emotional attachments”, “fear of change”, etc.  But the truth is I just don’t know.  People are the way they are.


What I do know though is that the business that faces facts head-on will succeed more than one that drifts along complacently or sleepwalks towards the precipice.


Are you honest with yourself about your business?


PS : You’ll see some changes in SurveyGuru over the next few months – because I’m making some fact-based changes,  Watch this space.


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