When you just have too much to do…


One Friday morning at the end of January I was talking to a friend who’s a business owner – and who was feeling overwhelmed.


He was overwhelmed to such an extent that he wasn’t really looking forward to the approaching weekend.   All the work that needed to be done just felt like a huge weight – a weight that would be on his mind all weekend and awaiting him on Monday morning.


He wasn’t just having Sunday night blues – his blues were already in place on Friday!


Not good!


Do you ever have that feeling?  If no then that’s great – you might as well stop reading now and move on to whatever’s next on your todo list.


Some years ago the Harvard Business Review published a tip on the topic of overwhelm.  There’s nothing earth-shattering in it.  It’s no magic wand.  But it did resonate with me.


So at the time I printed it out and stuck it to the underside of my monitor where it remains to this day.


When I got back to the office after meeting with my friend I took a photo of it and sent it to him.  I thought that might be more concrete than simply pointing him to a URL.


And here it is for you:



I hope it helps you someday – but hopefully not for a long time!


Enjoy your weekend!


And there are dozens of URLs too to grab it from.


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