Bacteria are like business challenges

What do you do when you face a really tough challenge in your business?


Give up?  Keep banging your head against the wall and expect a different result?  Get creative?


Maybe medical researchers can help guide us – from their work on antibiotics.  Antibiotics are fighting a war against bacterial infection.  And there is growing concern in the medical community about our ability to, long-term, win that war.


The problem?


Disease-causing bacteria are relentlessly fighting back.  Recently I was listening to a medical report that said that there are some strains of tuberculosis that have developed resistance to all known antibiotics.


And if we lose the war?  Imagine penicillin being useless.  Imagine infection-free surgery becoming impossible.  Imagine…


So what to do?


Give up?


Nope – not an option.


Stay ahead of things by developing new antibiotics?


Yep – that’s good.


Develop new antibiotics that bacteria don’t become resistant to?


That’s the mother lode – and there’s the lesson for us too in business.  When faced with a serious challenge we can’t simply give up.  We need to persevere.  But neither do we want to be insane in an Einsteinian way – doing the same thing and expecting a different result.


Can we skirt around the challenge?  Can we render the challenge irrelevant to what we’re doing?  Ask yourself those questions next time!


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