Win:Win – how helping a client benefits both of you


I had a coffee recently.


Nothing very surprising about that.  I love coffee and am probably addicted to it.


But there were two things different about this coffee:


1 : It was in a lovely location – Kilkenny’s Design Centre.

2 : It was face-to-face with a client.


He kindly agreed to sit down with me so that I could talk with – sorry “survey” him about a recent project that I carried out for him.


It proved to be a win:win situation – and that’s exactly what I was hoping for when I requested the meeting.


His perspective: He was motivated to share with me his thoughts – somewhat I believe out of kindness – but also I’m sure so that he can get a bigger return on investment if there is a next time.


My perspective: I’ve identified how I can do a better job for him if he uses me again in the future.  And I’ve also increased my chances of him using me again in the future.  And the type of work I did for him can be sold to others – so I’ve enhanced my service offering in general.


For help with how you too can enhance the satisfaction levels of your own customers, and benefit financially from that, go here.


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