Recently I dropped my son off at school after a dentist trip. On the way back to the office I stopped by a coffee shop close to the school that makes a great takeaway. It’s a very constricted place – when you’re at the counter you’re an absolute maximum of 10 feet from anyone behind [...]

We all want less hassle in life

The team my son supports were playing a soccer match on TV – and he wanted to see it. But he didn’t know what channel it was on. He’s a kid – so if he wants information he goes about getting it in the easiest way possible. (There’s a lesson there for us all!) Anyway, [...]

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King – at just 39 years of age. He had been born Michael King – but his Dad changed his name a few years later to insert the “Luther”. That renaming was in honour of Martin Luther – who started the Protestant Reformation [...]

Lip service. You hate it. Everyone hates it. But it still gets paid a lot. In surveys too. People being surveyed are often assured of their opinion being valued and then their expressed opinion gets ignored! Some years ago I met a woman who had stayed for a weekend at a 5 star hotel for [...]

Have you any interest in history? Whether you do or not, you probably didn’t escape from school without giving at least some passing consideration to the 1917 Russian Revolution. And you wouldn’t be alone if you found it confusing.  The Tsar, then Lenin, Trotsky, & Stalin. I well remember my own initial confusion.  Until I [...]

Do you belong to a public library? In our house we all do – and a couple of times a month I bring the kids to it.  It’s a wonderful haven – thanks to the philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie and others.  It also saves us many hundreds of euros a year as our two boys [...]

You have customers that you are actively working with. Or I hope you do! And you have lapsed customers – the type that you did something for and things are just sitting there now – waiting till they come back to you or you approach them. And you should kick yourself in the arse if [...]

Answering the question “Are you busy?”

  You’ve undoubtedly been asked “Are you busy?” countless times.   There are the colleagues in your business asking you.  There are friends.  And then there are people in your business circle – suppliers, peers, clients, etc.   When it’s colleagues in your business they’re typically looking for your attention for something that’s on their [...]

How did I get it so wrong?

  Today will see the Electoral College confirm Donald Trump as the new President of the US.   I predicted an Electoral College landslide for Clinton.   Boy was I wrong!  Why?   The vagaries of the Electoral College gave Trump a win even with him losing the popular vote by a significant margin.   [...]

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