Have you any interest in history? Whether you do or not, you probably didn’t escape from school without giving at least some passing consideration to the 1917 Russian Revolution. And you wouldn’t be alone if you found it confusing.  The Tsar, then Lenin, Trotsky, & Stalin. I well remember my own initial confusion.  Until I [...]

Do you belong to a public library? In our house we all do – and a couple of times a month I bring the kids to it.  It’s a wonderful haven – thanks to the philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie and others.  It also saves us many hundreds of euros a year as our two boys [...]

You have customers that you are actively working with. Or I hope you do! And you have lapsed customers – the type that you did something for and things are just sitting there now – waiting till they come back to you or you approach them. And you should kick yourself in the arse if [...]

Answering the question “Are you busy?”

  You’ve undoubtedly been asked “Are you busy?” countless times.   There are the colleagues in your business asking you.  There are friends.  And then there are people in your business circle – suppliers, peers, clients, etc.   When it’s colleagues in your business they’re typically looking for your attention for something that’s on their [...]

How did I get it so wrong?

  Today will see the Electoral College confirm Donald Trump as the new President of the US.   I predicted an Electoral College landslide for Clinton.   Boy was I wrong!  Why?   The vagaries of the Electoral College gave Trump a win even with him losing the popular vote by a significant margin.   [...]

  I had a coffee recently.   Nothing very surprising about that.  I love coffee and am probably addicted to it.   But there were two things different about this coffee:   1 : It was in a lovely location – Kilkenny’s Design Centre. 2 : It was face-to-face with a client.   He kindly [...]

  There I was recently listening to the lunchtime news while enjoying a cheese, salami & coleslaw sandwich.  Probably hundreds of calories and utterly delicious.   Anyway, the news report was yet another report on obesity.  To be honest the topic typically bores me but this report did catch my attention.   They were criticising [...]

Learning (hopefully) never stops

  Recently I did a survey on a primary school’s music programme.   Well it was actually 3 distinct questionnaires – one for the pupils, a second for the teachers and a third for the parents.   Now if you’re like most readers of my blog then you’re an entrepreneur – working to drive your [...]

Can you see inside your own business?

  2 kids are playing.   They’ve a long piece of wood and a pin.   They take turns putting an end of the piece of wood to their ear while the other kid scratches the other end of the piece of wood with a pin.  The sound of the pin scratching one end is [...]

  So which came first – the chicken or the egg?   It’s a brilliant question – destined to cause creased foreheads and even headaches if someone tries to figure it out.  I’ve an answer for you.  But first I want to tell you about another chicken and egg scenario.   China recently announced that [...]

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