Is it just about eking out a living?

  How about this for a depressing description of a career:   “There was comfort in filing divorces and personal bankruptcies and doing an occasional will or deed. Little in the way of fees, but he and most of the other lawyers in Clanton could eke out a living while avoiding almost all risk.”   [...]

  I often find that a sports event provides fodder for my posts.   Today is a little different.   This is not a soccer story.  But it is a story about a soccer person – Uli Hoeness – and what he can teach us.   I first came across him when I was 9 [...]

  “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”   “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”   Two variations on a theme you may have come across.  It’s usually attributed, probably incorrectly, to Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the US and one of its Founding Fathers.   Whatever its source, it’s understood to be an [...]

Walk in their shoes to understand them

  My good wife was off in Berlin this past weekend with her sister on a well-earned 4-day break.  So things were a bit hectic for yours truly – what with 2 young kids each involved in a gazillion activities and a mother-in-law to be taken care of too.  Thankfully our eldest was around to [...]

A lesson in resilience

  Evergreen is a soccer club in here in Kilkenny – with teams from tots right up to seniors.   The 9 year-olds I coach prepared last Saturday for their first game in over 2 months – against arch city rivals Freebooters.   We conceded an early goal.  Then another.  Then another!  Yikes – just [...]

Keeping it real

  Kilkenny is a great city to live in.  I can walk into the centre in 30 minutes or so – with the majority of that 30 minutes being along the picturesque river Nore.   This evening I had a meeting downtown.  I had hurt my calf running yesterday so decided to walk to the [...]

Taking care of basics

  I’m a member of a marketing mastermind group.   Recently one of the members – let’s call him “Tom” to protect his privacy – described an idea he had for a new service. I can’t give you the details – but it’s a service that’s targeted at property owners.   Tom posed the following [...]

The challenge to improve

  This post was triggered by a soccer story – just like last week’s Everton story.  I need to be careful not to do that too often – don’t want to annoy those readers who’ve no interest in football!   There’s a young Belgian player playing for Chelsea.  His name is Eden Hazard.  He has [...]

Outstanding customer service – again!

  I told a story nearly two years ago about outstanding customer service by Everton – a soccer team in England’s Premiership.  Well they’ve done it again.   If you’re in Ireland or the UK you’ll have been battered this week by a storm.  The storm damaged buildings in the vicinity of Everton’s ground – [...]

Memorials, Fireplaces and how to leverage

  A few days ago I drove into Wexford Town. It was a lovely morning and it was refreshing to see the sea and smell the sea air before heading in the door of a hotel for a long meeting. I love living in Kilkenny but it would be great if it was just a [...]

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