No square pegs in round holes

Recently a prospective client – a large bar in an Irish town – was looking to raise finance from a bank.   They were planning to structurally change their premises significantly in an effort to make it more appealing to young people.   So they needed to submit a business plan to bolster their application. [...]

Now this is how to do it!

In last week’s blog I was talking about the importance of being available to your customers.   Well , surprise, surprise – today I’ve actually got a good news story to share with you on this topic.  It happened earlier this week when I called my electricity & gas supplier – the same company does [...]

Are Your Easily Contactable?

Today one of my admin tasks was switching mobile phones.  It was one of those pain in the a** jobs – but not too mentally taxing!   Anyway, at one point as part of that process I needed to email my mobile service provider – by filling in one of those “contact form” thingees on [...]

To the aliens we’re aliens

I was chatting with my son Aidan.  He’s 6 – and thankfully still full of curiosity.   He asked me “Daddy do you think there are aliens?”   “Yep”   “Why?”   “Because there’s a gazillion stars like our sun and at least one of them has to have a planet going around it with [...]

John Grisham recognises bad data

I’m reading John Grisham’s “The Broker”.  It’s good fun – a bit of escapism.   In one scene he describes how the jailed main character – Joel Bachman – tried to while away some of the endless hours of incarceration through conducting a survey of how many hours sleep his fellow prisoners were getting per [...]

If lots of people are irritated…

One of LinkedIn’s changes over the past year has been the introduction of endorsements.  If you’ve encountered pop-up suggestions of whom you could endorse and for what, then you’ll know what I mean.  And you’ll also know how easy it is to give these endorsements.   Opinions differ on this – but I do know [...]

She Just Wouldn’t Listen

I was chatting with my brother last weekend and he was telling me of his efforts to upgrade his mobile phone.  He had a clear picture of what he was looking for.  He wanted it to be compatible with the hands-free setup in his car, he wanted to be able to easily synchronise its contacts [...]

Recovering After Sandy

On Friday I got an email from a provider that I use for chat software for my website. You know the type of software I mean? It’s the sort of tool that allows a visitor to a company’s website to choose to chat with the company directly through the website. Mine is from a company [...]

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