JFK – Tempus Fugit

Unless you’re from Mars you’ll know that JFK was assassinated 50 years ago today.   The day always resonates with me – for two reasons.   Firstly – he was the same age as my father – another John –  who was born just a few months before him in 1917.   Secondly – one [...]

Reversing around a corner

“Reversing around a corner”   The fearsome phrase is dreaded by many young Irish drivers who, as part of their driving test, are required to reverse around a corner without hitting the kerb, while keeping an eye out for other vehicles and while demonstrating familiarity with their blind spot.  Oh – and there’s the little [...]

You can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all

As I type this my son is in surgery.   It’s minor.   And his mother will be by his side when he wakes up.   But for now we’ve entrusted him to professionals.  It’s up to them to do their job now.  They’re far better at what they do than I would be if I [...]

No square pegs in round holes

Recently a prospective client – a large bar in an Irish town – was looking to raise finance from a bank.   They were planning to structurally change their premises significantly in an effort to make it more appealing to young people.   So they needed to submit a business plan to bolster their application. [...]

Now this is how to do it!

In last week’s blog I was talking about the importance of being available to your customers.   Well , surprise, surprise – today I’ve actually got a good news story to share with you on this topic.  It happened earlier this week when I called my electricity & gas supplier – the same company does [...]

Are Your Easily Contactable?

Today one of my admin tasks was switching mobile phones.  It was one of those pain in the a** jobs – but not too mentally taxing!   Anyway, at one point as part of that process I needed to email my mobile service provider – by filling in one of those “contact form” thingees on [...]

To the aliens we’re aliens

I was chatting with my son Aidan.  He’s 6 – and thankfully still full of curiosity.   He asked me “Daddy do you think there are aliens?”   “Yep”   “Why?”   “Because there’s a gazillion stars like our sun and at least one of them has to have a planet going around it with [...]

John Grisham recognises bad data

I’m reading John Grisham’s “The Broker”.  It’s good fun – a bit of escapism.   In one scene he describes how the jailed main character – Joel Bachman – tried to while away some of the endless hours of incarceration through conducting a survey of how many hours sleep his fellow prisoners were getting per [...]

If lots of people are irritated…

One of LinkedIn’s changes over the past year has been the introduction of endorsements.  If you’ve encountered pop-up suggestions of whom you could endorse and for what, then you’ll know what I mean.  And you’ll also know how easy it is to give these endorsements.   Opinions differ on this – but I do know [...]

She Just Wouldn’t Listen

I was chatting with my brother last weekend and he was telling me of his efforts to upgrade his mobile phone.  He had a clear picture of what he was looking for.  He wanted it to be compatible with the hands-free setup in his car, he wanted to be able to easily synchronise its contacts [...]

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